We all have something we absolutely love to do. Something that makes us feel alive and present. Something that fascinates us and gets us it the flow – this magical state where we feel so focused and happy with what we are doing, that all our usual needs become less important. For me it’s drawing. It gives me joy, excitement and relaxation at the same time.


I believe in conscious drawings which can communicate a message and make us feel in a certain way. I choose to create drawings which are uplifting and positive. I want my drawings to support the feeling of joy, fun, inspiration, warm, wisdom, courage…, both for me while making the drawing and for those who look at the drawing once it is finished.

I like to draw people. Sometimes I take pictures of people and then make a drawing based on the picture. I try to capture the persons vibes by holding on them while working with the drawing.

When I create a  drawing for a certain person, I try to capture the most radiating part of  her, so that each time she looks at the drawing, it activates the feeling of the inner beauty, wisdom and connectedness which lies within.


If you are interested in a personal drawing or if you want to order a print of the drawings at this site, please contact me via e-mail.:)