How to make your birthday happy & the apple liquorice chocolate cake

We all have different feelings about out birthday. They can vary from high to low or something between.:) I had my birthday yesterday and I would love to share 4 things which made my birthday feel really nice and meaningful. Have no expectations. This is a big one. Do not expect too much from your B-day, just let it flow and focus on what you … Continue reading How to make your birthday happy & the apple liquorice chocolate cake

Norway’s best breakfast?

Often we feel this urge to experience the best. The best breakfast, the best restaurant, the best hotel, the best car…the best, the best, the best..  We almost feel like if we do not, we  will be missing out on something and our life will not be complete!:) Couple of days ago I accidentally found myself in the hotel serving the best breakfast in Norway … Continue reading Norway’s best breakfast?

Shall I become a minimalist? What does it mean at all?

Minimalism. I have been hearing this word for quite a long time from all different directions and started to examine it more. I found out I actually had some minimalism traces in me already and wanted to further develop them because it is super interesting and makes a lot of sense. For me, being a minimalist means creating more space and clarity in my life … Continue reading Shall I become a minimalist? What does it mean at all?

Let there be light!

Naturally, we incline to light. We go where light is, the plants turn towards light, photographers chase after light as the magic ingredient for their work. Light brings joy and positivity. Light supports life. Imagine a morning, the rising sun, a new day beginning. Everything is still, fresh and bright. This little spark of something great, so present and real. Something big out there, or right … Continue reading Let there be light!

New York, New York!

The Big Apple. Home to many movies, celebrities, chilled coffeeshops, organic whole foods stores, exciting people, big brands and endless possibilities. Also the STRALA YOGA headquarter! Coming to Strala, participating at yoga trainings, workshops, taking classes, leading classes and hanging with Strala people felt so very special to me. The place is like a warm,  friendly, easygoing island in the middle of the always busy and … Continue reading New York, New York!

Coffeeshop – the magic space?

One of the first things which interest me in a city are the coffeeshops. Somehow they help me understand the city and its folks better. I love when opening the door feels like entering a different world. A sensual world of uplifting music, freshly brewed coffee and buzzling vibes.  SELLANRAA book & bar cafe in Trondheim is such a place. The big wall with contemporary reads, high … Continue reading Coffeeshop – the magic space?