The intuitive sourdough bread

Making sourdough bread is very satisfying. It’s easy, fun and the result tastes delicious. I call this bread for intuitive, because I don’t really measure anything when making it. I just use my intuition, creativity  and common sense. Everyone can do it!:) You want to end up with a dough which is not too runny but not too dry neither. Like when you want to … Continue reading The intuitive sourdough bread

Raw chocolate truffles

Everything about these chocolate truffles is raw. The ingredients, the taste, the look and the health benefits. The idea of making them came from visiting Sellanraa, my favourite coffee & book place in Trondheim. They were selling these big chocolate truffles and when I saw them I wanted to make them as soon as I get back home. And so I did! All the ingredients I used … Continue reading Raw chocolate truffles

Coffeeshop – the magic space?

One of the first things which interest me in a city are the coffeeshops. Somehow they help me understand the city and its folks better. I love when opening the door feels like entering a different world. A sensual world of uplifting music, freshly brewed coffee and buzzling vibes.  SELLANRAA book & bar cafe in Trondheim is such a place. The big wall with contemporary reads, high … Continue reading Coffeeshop – the magic space?

Sweet potato brownies with sea salt & dark chocolate

Sweet potato brownies all year round! These taste so good and are packed with valuable nutritions! Also, they are totally multifunctional. You can have them for breakfast, snack or dessert. Or even dinner! I like to make them when I travel – they make perfect travel snacks which are very satisfying and practical since they are both a meal and a dessert.:) Let’s go make … Continue reading Sweet potato brownies with sea salt & dark chocolate

Green treat & energy kicker

Let me introduce you this smart and uplifting snack. Why is it smart? Because it’s made of energising greens and tasty fruits, which will make sure to satisfy your snack cravings. Also, it suits perfectly as a pre-run, pre-yoga or pre-workout fuel. It tastes delicious, it’s digestion friendly and easy to make. Mainly, it makes you feel light and energised!:) What do I need? 2 … Continue reading Green treat & energy kicker

Delicious, decadent and healthy dessert meal for you

One foggy and rainy morning, far away north. I love these mornings because it feels even more cosy to be in a warm house. Also, I believe that on mornings like that one should go a little decadent. So why not to indulge with a sweet potato brownie covered with something warm and unusual, like blueberry and chocolate custard? It tastes delicious, all vegan and contains … Continue reading Delicious, decadent and healthy dessert meal for you

Earthy smoothie for total satisfaction

Honestly, it is totally mind blowing for me every time I use bunch of fresh vegetables in  my smoothie and it still tastes like a real treat! A treat which stops hunger, satisfies sweet tooth, nourishes and hydrates and gives plenty of energy! It is made in 5 minutes and looks super beautiful. How incredible is the N A T U R E ?   … Continue reading Earthy smoothie for total satisfaction

Get hydrated with pineapple green smoothie!

Do you want to have this feeling that you are eating something really healthy and refreshing? Then try this pineapple & ginger green smoothie!  It is packed with fresh greens so it gives you fibre, minerals and alkalises the whole body. It tastes delicious and keeps you satisfied for couple of hours. Also, it is cleansing and brightens your mind!  Olala!:) What do I need? 1 cup … Continue reading Get hydrated with pineapple green smoothie!