Bulletproof hot chocolate.

Healthy. Easy. Delicious. Autumn is here! Long walks, beautiful colours, leaves in the air, cafe hang-outs, big cups of hot chocolate – the perfect autumn treat! Very warm, very tasty. Rich but not too heavy. Nourishing, energising and caring. Yes, I am a picky girl when it comes to chocolate and I still have not found the dream hot chocolate at any cafe. So, I … Continue reading Bulletproof hot chocolate.

Life in the cabin, vegan Snickers bars and chocolate spaghetti.

I love staying at our cabin at Bjørnfjell in Northern Norway. It is a beautiful place near Swedish border with a very special landscape of large stone hills. The vegetation is limited to short trees, mousse and different kinds of mountain herbs and berries. Summers are really nice up here, with light days and nights, so it‘s not at all scary to be here alone. Staying … Continue reading Life in the cabin, vegan Snickers bars and chocolate spaghetti.

Experiment: 5 days with raw food

“Raw food”, “fully raw”, “raw foodists”. We hear these words quite often. Raw food is basically plant based food which has not been heated above 48 degrees centigrade (117 degrees Fahrenheit). People either love it, hate it or ignore it. Someone says that raw food makes you feel ecstatic, excited and cleanses your body because it contains all the life force, enzymes, water, oxygen, hormones, vitamins … Continue reading Experiment: 5 days with raw food

Super duper easy banana & chia pancakes

I like to ask people about their favourite breakfast. When I asked this question my Portuguese friend Pedro he said: banana pancakes, of course! I wanted to know more and he described these pancakes as very rustic, compact, protein packed and extremely delicious. Just banana, egg and rolled oats. I liked the idea and started to think of how I could modify the recipe so … Continue reading Super duper easy banana & chia pancakes

Zaira from Venice, the power of self care and vegan lemon cookies

I like how every person we meet can teach us something. I think, specially our friends and family can teach us a whole lot!:) My dear venetian friend Zaira visited me in Norway. We spent a week in each others immediate presence, filled it with many precious moments, innovative foods and small adventures. We learnt from each other, changed perspectives, got inspired. We became closer … Continue reading Zaira from Venice, the power of self care and vegan lemon cookies

Yogi tea – the ayurvedic magic drink

During my student years I was living in Brno – a beautiful historical city in the south of the Czech republic which has so much to offer! I really appreciated the vibrant cultural life, beautiful nature, fruit and vegetable markets and lots of tea rooms – super relaxed Middle East inspired places which serve tea, water pipes and exotic snacks. The smell of scents and … Continue reading Yogi tea – the ayurvedic magic drink

How to make your birthday happy & the apple liquorice chocolate cake

We all have different feelings about out birthday. They can vary from high to low or something between.:) I had my birthday yesterday and I would love to share 4 things which made my birthday feel really nice and meaningful. Have no expectations. This is a big one. Do not expect too much from your B-day, just let it flow and focus on what you … Continue reading How to make your birthday happy & the apple liquorice chocolate cake

Raw celebration

Sometimes we crave something basic, raw, cleansing and energising. Sometimes we want something sweet, fresh and indulging but still healthy. Sometimes we want a pre-yoga meal but don’t want to feel too full. Sometimes we just don’t know what to eat at all but are hungry. This raw plate is a simple solution for all these situations.:) You can never go wrong with this one. … Continue reading Raw celebration

Norway’s best breakfast?

Often we feel this urge to experience the best. The best breakfast, the best restaurant, the best hotel, the best car…the best, the best, the best..  We almost feel like if we do not, we  will be missing out on something and our life will not be complete!:) Couple of days ago I accidentally found myself in the hotel serving the best breakfast in Norway … Continue reading Norway’s best breakfast?

In bed with chocolate mousse

One long Saturday morning in the middle of march. Home alone, experimenting with a chocolate mousse recipe. This kind of chocolate mousse which can be eaten as breakfast or a night snack and you still feel very good because even if it is delicious and comforting, it also nourishes your body without making it work too hard or having too much calories. You can go … Continue reading In bed with chocolate mousse