In bed with chocolate mousse

One long Saturday morning in the middle of march. Home alone, experimenting with a chocolate mousse recipe. This kind of chocolate mousse which can be eaten as breakfast or a night snack and you still feel very good because even if it is delicious and comforting, it also nourishes your body without making it work too hard or having too much calories. You can go … Continue reading In bed with chocolate mousse

The yoga chocolate bar

Yoga and chocolate are big friends. They both have power to make us feel ecstatic! If you have read more recipes on this site you probably already know that I am talking about the chocolate  which nurtures your body and soul because of the ingredients it contains. Cacao powder, coconut oil, maple sirup or dates. The reason why I call this chocolate bar for yoga … Continue reading The yoga chocolate bar

Raw chocolate truffles

Everything about these chocolate truffles is raw. The ingredients, the taste, the look and the health benefits. The idea of making them came from visiting Sellanraa, my favourite coffee & book place in Trondheim. They were selling these big chocolate truffles and when I saw them I wanted to make them as soon as I get back home. And so I did! All the ingredients I used … Continue reading Raw chocolate truffles

The power of hot chocolate. Indulgence & medicine

Ok, this hot chocolate is a serious adult drink. It’s strong, deep and spicy. There is something about this drink which makes you feel really good, joyful and inspired. It must some kind of magic combination of cacao and spices which does the trick. I like to enjoy it as a pick me up drink in the afternoon, energising pre-exercise snack or a satisfying dessert. … Continue reading The power of hot chocolate. Indulgence & medicine

Sweet potato brownies with sea salt & dark chocolate

Sweet potato brownies all year round! These taste so good and are packed with valuable nutritions! Also, they are totally multifunctional. You can have them for breakfast, snack or dessert. Or even dinner! I like to make them when I travel – they make perfect travel snacks which are very satisfying and practical since they are both a meal and a dessert.:) Let’s go make … Continue reading Sweet potato brownies with sea salt & dark chocolate

Earthy smoothie for total satisfaction

Honestly, it is totally mind blowing for me every time I use bunch of fresh vegetables in  my smoothie and it still tastes like a real treat! A treat which stops hunger, satisfies sweet tooth, nourishes and hydrates and gives plenty of energy! It is made in 5 minutes and looks super beautiful. How incredible is the N A T U R E ?   … Continue reading Earthy smoothie for total satisfaction