Raw chocolate truffles

Everything about these chocolate truffles is raw. The ingredients, the taste, the look and the health benefits. The idea of making them came from visiting Sellanraa, my favourite coffee & book place in Trondheim. They were selling these big chocolate truffles and when I saw them I wanted to make them as soon as I get back home. And so I did! All the ingredients I used … Continue reading Raw chocolate truffles

Coffeeshop – the magic space?

One of the first things which interest me in a city are the coffeeshops. Somehow they help me understand the city and its folks better. I love when opening the door feels like entering a different world. A sensual world of uplifting music, freshly brewed coffee and buzzling vibes.  SELLANRAA book & bar cafe in Trondheim is such a place. The big wall with contemporary reads, high … Continue reading Coffeeshop – the magic space?

The power of hot chocolate. Indulgence & medicine

Ok, this hot chocolate is a serious adult drink. It’s strong, deep and spicy. There is something about this drink which makes you feel really good, joyful and inspired. It must some kind of magic combination of cacao and spices which does the trick. I like to enjoy it as a pick me up drink in the afternoon, energising pre-exercise snack or a satisfying dessert. … Continue reading The power of hot chocolate. Indulgence & medicine